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Planning for your future is a sign of maturity, and Standard Bank offers a range of savings and investment accounts to make it easy. With a range of options to suit different personalities and investment strategies, you can be rest assured that your money will grow with you.

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A variety of banking products to choose from based on your unique financial needs.

Digital Wallet

Create your PayPulse wallet by dialing the short code *140*6626# or by downloading it on the App Store or Google Play. You do not need a Standard Bank account to create the wallet.


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Savings and Investment accounts to suit all financial levels
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32 Day Notice Account

Good savings discipline means that your money is left to grow and accumulate in the long term. A notice account removes the temptation to dip into your savings by requiring you to give 32 days’ notice for all withdrawals, in return for better interest rates.

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Call Account

If you need an investment account that earns you good interest; without sacrificing immediate access to your money.

Fixed Access

The Fixed Access account provides all the benefits of a Fixed Deposit, with the bonus feature of letting you access up to 30% of your balance before maturity. For serious investors who want to stay flexible.

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Fixed Deposit

Commit to regularly depositing a set amount every month, with the lump sum becoming available after a fixed period. Guaranteed long-term savings that earn excellent interest.

Notice Deposit

For investors who want to avoid the temptation to dip into their savings. A notice account pays better interest than a basic savings account, but requires advance notice to be given for all withdrawals. Notice periods can be set to 7, 14, 21 or 32 days.

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Premium Call

Earn maximum interest on large amounts, while retaining access to your funds. Minimum balance of N$100,000, no maximum. Unlimited deposits and transfers into the account.

Pure Save

A no-frills savings account to keep your money safe while it earns interest.

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