Our business

At Standard Bank Namibia, we are proud of the reputation we’ve built over more than a century as the bank best able to look after your personal and business financial needs.

Standard Bank Namibia opened its first commercial branch in 19 August 1915 in Lüderitz, making it one of Namibia’s oldest companies. The bank’s original vision was to understand its customers better, have people with strong knowledge of local business conditions and to do a better job of connecting borrowers with lenders. This vision created the platform for the kind of bank it would become and qualities on which its customers and clients would come to rely.
Our 104 years of banking expertise gives us the capability to look after your personal financial needs and help you Move Forward.

We take pride in being part of Standard Bank Group, a large financial services company that is rooted in Africa but reaching all corners of the world.

Some highlights over the past years include:

  • Listing on the Namibian Stock Exchange.
  • Moving into the new Standard Bank head office.
  • Building the widest-ranging branch network. 
  • Offering the most ATM's and highest availability.
  • Employing the first Namibian Managing Director.
  • Winning the “Namibia Best Bank” award in Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence in 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2019.
  • Winning “The Banker’s Bank of the Year” award in 2006.
  •  Winning the “Best Investment Bank” award in 2020.
  • Sharing kudos with Standard Bank Group when it was named the “Best Cash Management Bank in Africa” by Global Finance magazine. In an exclusive survey published in the magazine’s March 2006 issue, the bank was selected as the “Best Bank for Payments and Collection in Africa” for the second consecutive year.
  • We were also awarded as the “Best Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) Bank Offering”.
  • From humble beginnings, with three branches, a fully-fledged bank has emerged. Today we have a combined 63 branches and agencies and 238 ATM's throughout Namibia. Standard Bank has grown from a mere few staff members to over 1 700 today, and extended its roots deep into the fabric of Namibian society.

Continued commitment

We have a commitment to bring banking to Namibians all over the country, especially to the previously “unbanked” population. We will continue our commitment in the years to come. We take pride in our commitment to bring banking to Namibians all over the country.