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Financing your dreams
Finance your business with Standard Banks innovate range of loan products.

Borrow For Your Needs

Standard Bank Namibia is able to help to cover any of your business’s financial needs. Whether you are expanding into new territories, acquiring assets, or simply need additional operating capital, our consultants are waiting for your call to offer you a suitable loan.

Some of the benefits


A variety of banking products to choose from based on your unique financial needs.


Being a member of Africa’s largest banking group gives us the scale and resources to weather any storm.


Transact and access accounts online anywhere, anytime.

Borrow For Your Needs

A loan from Standard Bank can open the door to future growth, by providing the funding you need now.

What are you looking for?

Bank Guarantees

A bank guarantee is a contract in which the bank guarantees payment of your obligations, even if your circumstances change and you are unable to cover the costs yourself. This enables you to bid for contracts that call for guarantees and to buy fixed property where a guarantee is usually a prerequisite.

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Business Overdraft

An overdraft facility on your business’s current account is one of the most convenient ways to get operating capital. Once the approval process is completed, the overdraft facility is activated on your current account, providing immediate access to funds at your own discretion.

Business Revolving Credit Plan

To help your business reach it’s short to medium-term goals. Only pay interest on the portion of credit used, and once 25% of the loan has been repaid, you can draw further funds without needing to complete an additional approval process.

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Contract Finance

Short term finance, tailored to help finance your business’s specific circumstances, such as immediate procurement or stock purchases.

Dealer Floorplans

Specifically designed for vehicle and asset traders. Our experienced relationship managers understand your business and its requirements and will create a plan geared toward your success. Our dealer floor plan financing helps you maximize your working capital by allowing you to efficiently manage your inventory position, interest expense, and unit turnover. More efficient day-to-day operations that help move inventory

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Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a form of short-term borrowing used to improve your company's working capital and cash flow position. Invoice discounting allows a business to draw money against its sales invoices before the customer has actually paid and use the invoice as collateral.

Medium Term Loan

Medium term loans support your business in achieving its long-term financial goals. Monthly instalments are matched to your business cash flow and terms are structured for a period of up to seven years (up to fifteen years for farm purchase).

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Vehicle Asset Finance

Whether you are purchasing a single vehicle, or a fleet, Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance will not finance the deal but help you negotiate with the dealers. Finance can be arranged with flexible repayment terms, and at competitive interest rates