International Saver 36 account

This notice account will provide an interest-bearing safe place for money you earn in Sterling or US Dollars and allow you access after only 36 days’ notice.

What does it offer you?

Minimum opening deposit:

£10,000/ US$10,000

Key Benefits

  • Supported currencies: GBP/ USD
  • Withdrawals made following 36 days’ notice
  • Gross interest paid annually
  • Maximum balance: £3m/ US$5m
  • Access to account via world-class internet banking.

Terms and Charges

Click on the links below to access information on our terms, conditions and charges. These documents form part of your agreement with the Bank when opening and maintaining an account with us.

What do I need to apply?

Are you:

18 years or older?
Able to meet the minimum opening balance requirement of £10,000/ US$10,000
If your answers to these questions is ‘Yes!’ you can apply for an international account.

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To view our most up-to-date interest rates sheet, click on the link below:
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