Strata Notice Account

A savings account convenient for depositing funds to which immediate access is not required. Available for terms of up to 396 days.

What does it offer you?

Access with Notice

Access your money by giving 36, 96, 196 or 396 days notice as applicable

Balance Requirements

Minimum opening balance - £10,000, US$20,000 or €20,000
Maximum balance - £5,000,000, US$8,000,000 or €8,000,000


Minimum withdrawal - £1,000, US$2,000 or € 2,000
Subject to above minima, withdrawals may be for any amount up to the balance of the account


Interest paid quarterly in March, June, September and December
Changes subject to 36 days notice (Strata 36) or 96 days notice (Strata 96, 196 & 396)

Internet Banking

View your account activity and send secure messages to us about your account(s).

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Strata variable and fixed deposit rates

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