Connecting with Africa

There are many reasons why a company may wish to use the services of a bank based in a tax friendly jurisdiction such as Jersey, and the Isle of Man.

What does it offer you?

We have been established for more than 20 years and have developed considerable expertise in dealing with the requirements of corporate clients.

More recently, and to capitalise on the wider Standard Bank Group expertise, our focus has been on those clients who are either based in Africa or whose business interests extend into Africa. In recognition of the increasing cost of providing banking services, we look to ensure that we add real value to your business and work as partners in ensuring that there are mutual benefits.

We are able to support clients in all sectors although have particular expertise in:


Mining & resources, oil & gas


Standard Bank provides four distinct investment solutions designed to meet the different Investment needs, risk profiles and objectives of Corporate clients. To find out more about our Corporate Investment Solutions, click here.

Where Corporate needs are more complex, we work with our multi-jurisdictional investment bank to provide holistic Investment solutions to ensure the right outcome for the client.

Financial Services

There are often requirements for investment managers, pension funds etc to structure certain activities through an international centre which does not have Exchange Controls, withholding taxes etc. We have provided such services for many years.

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