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Private banking

Private banking

Standard Bank Private banking offers discreet and proactive solutions to the multitude of financial needs and requirements present in the busy schedules of our clientele. Together with a highly qualified and experienced team of support bankers and specialists, your dedicated Private Banker and support team will act as your confidential interface with our financial and wealth advisers, both locally and offshore, to connect you to the vast resources the Standard Bank group has to offer. Private banking offers you the treatment you deserve, for a bundle charge option fee of N$365.

What does it offer me?

Your Private banking package comes with your choice of cards, including a debit and/or credit card as well as a Private banking current account.

  • A Private banking current account
  • Private banking cheque book
  • Master card gold platinum credit card
  • Dedicated Private banker & transactional banker
  • Door step banking & Private banking suite
  • Travel insurance
  • Savings and investments products 
  • Pure save, Bonus plus & Call account
  • 32 day notice & Fixed deposits
  • Fixed access, Premium call & Plus plan savings account
  • A dedicated Private banker who will:
    • Be your point of contact for all your banking & financial needs 
    • Ensure that our full range of innovative and exclusive wealth creation and protection products, are at your disposal 
    • Arrange periodic meetings with you at your home, office or in the Private Banking suite 
    • Self-service banking
    • Bank just about anywhere with our self-service banking solutions: 
    • Internet & Mobile banking
    • Cell phone banking & App for tablet
    • MyUpdates & ATM


Your Private banker will assist you to choose from our different personal lending options.

Your lending options include:

  • Overdraft & Credit card
  • Home & Student loan
  • Vehicle & asset finance
  • Revolving credit plan loan

Smart device deals

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Your Private banking package offering encompasses: 

  • Status & priority, 
  • A full suite of products & services, 
  • Access to your funds at your convenience, 
  • A credit portfolio designed to meet your needs, 
  • A balanced wealth creation and preservation portfolio

Wealth management and growth

Wealth management is an integral part of the Private Banking offering. The products available vary depending on your needs. Your Private Banker will help identify the services that are most likely to suit your needs and then put you in contact with the most relevant specialists.

Standard Insurance Brokers - StanFin

Our Financial Planners are qualified experts who will help you analyse your current wealth situation and assist you in developing an ongoing strategy to create, preserve and generally manage your wealth portfolio. They are experts that have access to a range of wealth products and services including trust formation, wills, structured and offshore investments, unit trusts and life assurance. Standard Insurance Brokers offers a range of insurance products and services and negotiates with various underwriters so that you have a number of quotes to choose from when selecting a particular product.

Credit card insurance benefits

Travel insurance

Standard Bank travel insurance is a benefit on all Standard Bank MasterCard and Visa cards.
When you purchase your public conveyance travel tickets with your Standard Bank credit card you receive automatic basic cover and have the option to take up additional cover at preferential rates

Best suited for:

  • Yourself
  • Yourself and your spouse
  • Yourself and your children
  • Your whole family

Funeral insurance

Funeral expense cover, ranging from N$2 700 to N$4 000 depending on the segment of your credit card. The benefit is payable on the death of the cardholder and you have the option to buy up additional cover from as little as N$47

Lost card protection

Free lost card protection protects you against loss caused by fraudulent use of your card if it is lost or stolen up to 24 hours prior to first reporting of the event to the bank. It does not cover transactions in which your PIN was used

Once you have reported your card lost or stolen, our Lost Card department will issue you with a reference number, which must be quoted to our financial crime division in the event of fraudulent transactions appearing on your card account

Please note:

You are not protected against transactions in which your PIN is used

You may not be protected if you fail to report the loss of your card as soon as possible or within 24 hours, or if you compromised your card details to a third party, depending on the circumstances

You must take all reasonable steps to prevent any unauthorised use of the credit card