Revolving credit plan

The Revolving Credit Plan (RCP) is an unsecured lending facility aimed at providing creditworthy customers with a continuing line of credit within an agreed limit

Fund your plans

Think of those moments in life where a little extra money could come in handy:

  •  Maybe you’re buying new furniture or starting renovations
  •  Getting new shocks on your car or forking out for unexpected medical expenses
  •  Paying upfront for an overseas holiday

It’s for moments like these that our Revolving Credit Plan (RCP) was designed, providing an easy and convenient way to access funding when you need it most.

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Withdrawing on your RCP

A step-by-step guide

Once you’ve repaid 15% of the total amount of your Revolving Credit Plan (RCP), you’ll be able to withdraw to the limit again via Internet Banking or at your nearest Standard Bank ATM.

Here’s how: At an ATM and Internet Banking

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  • Monthly repayments include interest and are payable by direct debit order over a period up to 60 months
  • Increased limits are relatively easy to obtain as the borrower’s regular monthly income increase
  • Fix monthly instalments for the period of the loan



  • Unsecured lending, no collateral required. Terms and conditions to apply
  • Drawings may be made as and when funds are required but only once the loan is reduced by 15%
  • Extra repayments may be made at any time to reduce the interest payable
  • Repayments do not increase when funds are redrawn
  • Facility continues indefinitely

Qualifying criteria

  • Transactional and saving account holders who have their salary deposited electronically into their Standard Bank accounts
  • Professional graduates such as doctors, engineers, attorneys and lawyers who enter the market on the understanding that they are permanently employed and earn a net salary of N$7 000.00 per month. (For Private and Prestige Banking segments, the loan will only be made available to the customer after the 1st salary is deposited electronically into their transactional account)
  • Should a customer move their transactional account to another bank, the RCP facility should be settled in full
  • Need to be 21 years of age and older. (Below the age of 21 years, a guarantor needs to sign suretyship)
  • Proof of Income (Latest payslip)
  • Be a Namibian citizen/have permanent residence
  • Have a clean credit record
  • Earn a minimum income of N$ 7 000 gross per month or more
  • Have a fixed address


Loan Protection Plan

What is a Loan Protection Plan?

This covers your personal loans with us should you become disabled, contract a dread disease or die

Who can have it?

Anyone who is under 65 years of age at the next birthday, in good health and has not undergone treatment for any condition other than minor ailments. If you have personal loans with us, you should have it

How does it work?

  • If you become disabled, are diagnosed with a dread disease or die, this policy will immediately pay off your SBN overdraft, revolving credit plan We’ll calculate your premiums according to your outstanding balance, age and the type of cover you want
  • No medical examination is required
  • The policy gives you flexibility as you can choose the cover that best suits your needs

You can choose from:

  • Plan A – death, disability and retrenchment
  • Plan B – death, disability, retrenchment and dread disease
  • Plan C – death, temporary disability and retrenchment
  • You can take our cover for up to N$500 000. This is the maximum amount that will be paid out to you

 What are the main exclusions?

  • Any pre-existing conditions for the last two years will be excluded from the first two years.
  • Suicide within the first two years of the policy

*Terms and conditions apply

How do I apply?

Visit your nearest Standard Bank branch with the following documents:

  • Proof of income
  • A valid identity document
  • Proof of address water and electricity bill (utility bill)
  • 6 months statements (for new customers)