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For many of us, a home is the biggest and most significant investment of our lives. It's more than a roof over our heads, it's where we raise our families and create precious memories. As a leading home loan provider, we can help tailor a home loan that's right for you. Apply online or call 294 2436 (08:00 – 16:30) or visit your nearest branch

What does it offer me?

  • Home loan mortgage bond - An opportunity to own your own house
  • Home loan group scheme - Let your employer lend a hand
  • Access bond - Gives you access to your own funds
  • Re-advance/ further bond - Lets you borrow twice
  • Building loan - build your dream house

Ordinary home loan

  • An ordinary home loan is used for purchase of immovable property and is subject to a mortgage bond being registered over the property
  • Minimum loan amount - N$150 000
  • 100% loan can be provided subject to the valuation of the property
  • Non-Namibian residents to give up to 50% deposit

Vacant land/Erf

  • Serviced Land: A minimum deposit of 30% of the vacant land purchase price and all costs are payable by all clients for example: maximum loan to value(LTV) of 70%
  • Un-serviced Land: A minimum of 40% of the property purchase price and all costs are payable by South African (CMA) residents for example: maximum loan to value (LTV) of 80%

Further bond

A further bond allows the customer to register a further bond over the property to obtain additional funds

Building loan

  • A building loan is used to fund the construction of buildings on an immovable property, or to make improvements on the property
  • The building loan is covered by a bond, and it enables the borrower to make payments to the builder as the building progresses
  • Holiday period for the first three months of the building loan offered. * Terms and conditions apply.

Instalment to income ratio (ITI)/ Repayment period

  • The monthly Home loan instalment benchmark is not to exceed 30% of gross salary/joint income for our Achiever and Prestige customers and up to 35% of their gross/monthly income for our Private Banking customers.
  • A detailed income and expenditure is to be completed with each home loan application, which is to be scrutinised by the Home loans credit evaluation managers against the applicant’s bank account statements

Other features and services

Access bond facility

An Access bond is a unique and effective money management facility which allows the deposit and withdrawal of surplus funds from you home loan to your Standard Bank transactional account

Access bond withdrawals are only allowed up to 80% Loan to Value (LTV), meaning that the value of the property should be 20% higher than the balance outstanding, and which status can be achieved, because of the following;

  • Client has made additional capital deposit (s)
  • Client has repaid capital over a period of time
  • Value of the property has escalated over a period of time or due to improvements and a re-evaluation would be required in this regard
  • Re-evaluation of properties would only be considered for Access bond purposes after two years have lapsed, since the last bond or evaluation
  • We once again would like to emphasise that the access bond facility should only be made available to customers with a transactional account with Standard Bank Namibia and no funds are to be transferred to agent/competitor banks or any third party

Take over Bonds as Access Bonds (Bond Cost and Home loan fees)

  • Bond cost and Home loans admin and assessment fees can be accommodated on home loan account, prior to the registration of bond and such cost and fees will then be deducted from pay-out to client on date of registration. Home loan limit to remain in line with credit approval limit (never to be increased / exceeded)
  • Further Bonds as access bonds (Bond cost and Home loan fees)
  • Bond cost and home loans admin and assessment fees can be accommodated on a home loan account, prior to the registration of bond and such costs and fees will then be deducted from pay-out to client on date of registration. Home loan limit to remain in line with credit approval limit (never to be increased /exceeded)

Qualifying criteria

  • Non-Standard Bank Namibia clients - 6 months’ bank statements
  • Income and expenditure statement should reflect a surplus of not less than 20% of the monthly home loan instalment, after the deduction of all expenses, including the full home loan instalment
  • You may if you have a transactional account with us
  • You may apply if you do not already have a transactional account with us
  • Net Income of N$ 10 000 or more per month


Home Loan Protection Plan

What is a Home Loan Protection Plan?

An insurance policy you can take out that will cover the outstanding bond amount owing to SBN to a maximum amount of N$1 300 000 in the event of death and/disability, dread disease and retrenchment

Who can have it?

  • All SBN Home Loan customers with an outstanding balance of N$1 300 000 or less

How does it work?

Choose from the following plans. You can also combine plans for better cover

  • Death cover: if you die, we’ll settle the outstanding balance of your home loan
  • Disability cover; if you’re temporarily disabled, such as in a major accident, your temporary disability cover will help you pay your bond for up to 12 months
  • Joint life cover: you can insure a second person with insurable interest. This means that you can add a joint bondholder or someone who has signed surety
  • Discount: if you insure two lives, you’ll get a 40% discount on the amount you pay for the younger life
  • Both lives must be covered for the same events and amounts
  • Retrenchment cover: this will pay your home loan instalment for up to six months if you are retrenched
  • No matter what cover you choose, you do not need a medical examination

 What are the main exclusions?

  • Any pre-existing conditions for the last two years will be excluded for the first two years
  • Suicide within the first two years of the policy

*Terms and conditions apply

How do I apply?

Visit your nearest Standard Bank branch or Home loan sales office, 1st Floor, Town Square Building, Windhoek with the following documentation:

  • Proof of income
  • Spouse proof of income
  • A certified copy of your identity document
  • Your spouse’s identity document, if you are married
  • Your marriage certificate, if you are married
  • Your ante nuptial contract, if you are married out of community of property
  • Proof of your current residential address, which maybe in a form of a utility bill

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