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Whether you are rushing to get all your daily chores done, relaxing on holiday or negotiating the next deal for your business, our new banking app allows you to now do more with your time without interrupting what you are doing. No other banking app allows you to access your personal and business accounts all in one place, at the same time. The app is available on Android and iPhone’s app stores. Simply download the app from your preferred app store now by clicking on your preferred platform on the right hand side menu.

App benefits and offerings

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No need to go into a branch if you are already registered for internet banking with us. If not registered yet, please visit your closest branch to set up internet banking.

As a Standard Bank customer you’ll be able to use a number of our services through the app, such as loading and paying beneficiaries, making once-off payments, transferring funds between accounts, viewing statements, buying airtime, electricity and prepaid TV and so much more.

Even if you do not yet have an account with us, you can create a digital banking ID, and apply for an account through the app.

For more info have a look at our frequently asked questions section.


  • No monthly access fees.
  • Use the same digital banking ID (email address and password) to log into your accounts from any smartphone or tablet.
  • Update your personal details on the app.
  • View all your accounts in once place, whether personal or banking accounts, even if they are in different currencies.
  • Load and pay beneficiaries, make once-off payments, transfer funds, view statements, buy airtime, electricity and prepaid TV and more.
  • Send proof of payments via SMS or email to your beneficiaries.
  • View your transaction history and balance updates. 
  • Locate an ATM or branch closest to you, using your device GPS.
  • Easy access to important numbers such as Lost Card and Customer Contact Centre.
  • View information on other products that could help you manager your finances better.
  • iPhone users can use their fingerprints to log into the app (currently only available on iOS).

Get started now

Follow these five easy steps to get started:

For existing internet banking users

1. Download the app from your preferred app store.


2. Create a digital banking ID by capturing your email address and a password of your choice


3. Capture the OTP that is sent to the email address provided


4. Add your accounts by capturing your internet banking username and password


5. You will now be able to see and transact on the same accounts you access via internet banking


6. Should you want to link more accounts or change your transaction limits you need to visit a branch or speak to your relationship manager



For those not currently using internet banking

1. Download the app from the app store (Google Play or Apple)


2. Create a digital banking ID by capturing your email address and a password of your choice


3. Capture the OTP that is sent to the email address provided


4. To add your accounts you first need to register for internet banking.  To do this click on the link at the bottom of the screen.


5. Capture your ID number, confirm your personal details and accept the terms and conditions


6. You will then be asked to create a username and password


7. Once you have registered you need to visit a branch to link your accounts and set your transaction limit.


8. Alternatively you can complete the full registration process at a branch


9. Now that you have registered for internet banking you can start using the app. You simply use the email address and password used to originally register for the app to access your accounts

Should you want to link more accounts or change your transaction limits you need to visit a branch or speak to your relationship manager

App Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change my Standard Bank Digital ID, password or preferred name?

  • After logging onto the app, select Settings on the taskbar of the Home screen. Select Identity and Security, which is where you can change your Standard Bank/ Stanbic ID, password and preferred name. 


2. How can I personalize my App experience? 

  • You can re-arrange the tiles on your dashboard (press and hold any tile to place the dashboard in edit mode. Tiles can be moved anywhere on a page and also between pages). 
  • You can give nicknames to your bank account. Tap an account tile to open the detail view, and tap on the edit (pencil) icon to rename the account. 
  • You can add images of your choice to your dashboard. Select settings on the taskbar and tap on Manage Dashboards. 


3. Can I add my business accounts currently visible on my Internet Banking?

  • Yes. You can create a separate dashboard (tap on the dashboard icon in the top left corner of the home screen and select Create new dashboard). 
  • You will then be able to link your business card and associated accounts to the dashboard. 
  • Your Standard Bank ID will then allow you to switch between your personal and business account with great ease. 


4. My Device was stolen. Is my account secure? 

  • Yes. The SBG Global App is password protected and does not allow un-authorized access. If someone tries to retrieve your password they will need to provide additional account information which should be unknown to them. 
  • Furthermore, a one-time PIN (OTP) must be inputted in order to add recipients and make once-off payments. Your daily withdrawal limits on specific transaction types also help minimise risk, should your password be compromised. 
  • If your device is stolen you can log onto another device, go to Settings and delink the stolen device from your Standard Bank ID. Alternatively, phone your local Customer Call Centre and select "Digital Channels/ Internet Banking" for assistance.


5. How do I remove devices linked to my profile? 

  • After logging onto the app, select Settings on the taskbar of the Home screen. 
  • Select Identity and Security 
  • Under the Authorize device section, select de-authorize device and delink devices you no longer use. 


6. Can I Install and use this App on multiple devices? 

  • Yes, as many as you like. There are no restrictions to the number of devices. However, only a single user may be registered on the App for each device. 


7. On which devices can I use this App? 

  • The App is supported on smartphones with the following operating systems: 
    • Android 4.3 and upwards 
    • iOS 8 and upwards 
  • *The app is not suited for tablet devices. 


8. Why can't I see all my accounts on the App? 

  • All your accounts should be linked to the card that you first registered at Standard Bank for Internet Banking. Check your Internet Banking profile to determine whether all your accounts are linked to this card. 
  • If you still can't see all your accounts, please visit your nearest Standard Bank/ Stanbic Branch to link all your accounts to the card. 


9. What Accounts are available on this App? 

  • Most of your accounts you see on Internet Banking are also available on the SBG Global App. This excludes the creation of duplicate CDIs.


10. What types of prepaid products can I buy through this App? 

  • Airtime 
  • Prepaid electricity 
  • Prepaid TV 
  • Rates and Taxes

Note some of the VAS services above may be specific to a country and may not be available to all countries that form part of the App


11. Can I add my Botswana accounts into this App? 

  • Yes. As long as you are registered for Internet Banking in each of the countries, you can create a separate dashboard (tap on the dashboard icon in the top left corner of the home screen and select Create new dashboard). 
  • You will then be able to link your other Standard Bank/ Stanbic accounts to the dashboard by inputting your Internet Banking logon credentials and OTP. 
  • Your Standard Bank Digital ID will then allow you to switch between your various country accounts with great ease. 


12. What is different in your App compared to other banking Apps in the market? 

  • It offers one single App experience that allows you to view multiple profiles of yourself with the Standard Bank Group. In other words you can view and bank on your personal, business and other country accounts from within this single App. 
  • It offers biometric fingerprint logon for iOS devices that support biometrics. 
  • You can personalize your app by rearranging the tiles/ account views, add pictures and change the names of your accounts for a more personalized app experience. 

Here are some of the features that the App offers: 

    • Digital ID creation/ app registration 
    • IB registration link (only individuals will be able to initiate Internet Banking registration from the App. Business/ Small business customers wanting to register for Internet Banking will need to visit the branch first) 
    • Digital ID password reset 
    • Account dashboard views and customization and transactional history up to 180 days in the past 
    • Multi dashboard linking (multiple country and segment dashboards) 
    • Beneficiary payment & recipient management 
    • Proof of payment option via email or SMS
    • VAS – Prepaid airtime, electricity, Prepaid TV 
    • Own funds account transfers 
    • Product explore and information centre (share the app feature, rate the app, locate branch/ ATM using GPS location of phone, contact numbers for each country dashboard) 
    • Credit Card transaction history and balance updates 
    • Branch and ATM locators 
    • Product information 
    • Access to important contact numbers 


13. What do I need to do to register for the App? 

  • You need to be a Standard Bank/ Stanbic customer 
  • You need to be registered for Internet Banking 
  • You need to have your limits set up in order to bank via the App 
  • A smartphone that supports Android 4.3 upwards or iOS version 8 upwards 
  • You need data 
  • You need an internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) 


14. Where can I find the App? 

  • Google Play store or the Apple App store via your smartphone device. The app will be made available under the Finance category. Searching for Standard Bank or Stanbic will instantly display the App for you to download. Let us know your experiences of the app by rating it in the App store. 


15. Can I bank on the App if I don’t have data? 

  • No unfortunately you will need data as well as an Internet connection. The app is best used on 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. 


16. What happens if I change my Internet Banking credentials after I have linked my Internet Banking profile into the App? 

  • The app will detect that there has been a change in the credentials and request you to re-enter the Internet Banking logon credentials. You will also need to input an OTP for security purposes.


17. Why do I need a Standard Bank ID? 

  • This App provides you a single view of all your accounts that you have with the Standard Bank Group. Each country Internet banking profile has different logon credentials and in order to make it easy for you to remember, a Digital ID has been created which eliminates the need for you to remember multiple logons when using the App. 
    Think of it. When you register in the App store you are requested to create either a Google account or an Apple ID which you use for all things Google or Apple respectively. 


18. Why can’t I see this App on my Android tablet or iPad? 
The App does not support tablet devices. It is a smartphone App. 
A tablet solution will be introduced soon… 

Note: Only Namibia offers a separate tablet app solution


19. Who do I call for more information or assistance? 
You can contact the Customer Call Centre for a particular country. 

  • After logging onto the App, open the taskbar on the top left of the Home screen. Select the country dashboard you wish to display. Open the taskbar again and select Information Centre for all important contacts numbers including the Customer Contact Centre for that particular country. 


20. The App does not offer me the option to link my Kenya/ Angola/ Mozambique Standard Bank/ Stanbic accounts into the App. Why is this? 
Yes that is true. Not all countries within the Standard Bank Group are enabled for this App as yet but they will be added in time. The countries currently supported within this App are: 

·        Botswana

·        Ghana 

·        Namibia 

·        South Africa

·        Swaziland 

·        Uganda 

·        Zambia

·        Zimbabwe


21. Why does the App not support Blackberry or Windows operating systems? 

  • The Bank has decided on offering the best customer experience for the most popular operating systems which is Android and Apple. However you can access your Internet Banking from these devices or register for USSD. Call the call centre to find out how.


22. There are multiple Standard Bank apps in the app store. How do I know which one it is? 

  • The one titled Standard Bank/ Stanbic Bank Mobile Banking 


23. Where can I find a full set of the Terms and Conditions? 

  • On the App under Settings or during the Creation of your Standard Bank ID you will be able to view the full set or alternatively please call the Customer Call Centre to request a copy. 


24. I am already a user of a Standard Bank/ Stanbic App in Ghana/ Namibia/ Botswana etc. Am I automatically registered for the new App as well? 

  • No you will need to register again as you will need to create a Standard Bank ID to use the App.  You also need to be registered for Internet banking in order to use the App for banking. 


25. What makes this App different from the one you already offer? 

  • It uses a more updated technology framework. It is safer than the WAP app as the device is paired directly with your profile so it is easy to detect when unauthorized activity is being conducted on your profile. The WAP app currently in the market is a browser based app. It is much faster as the transfer of information between the app and the bank systems is much smaller in size as no images or screens are being transmitted as the screens and images sit on the App when you download it from the App store. Try the new one and say hello to beautiful easy banking and never look back! 


26. Do you offer Biometrics for logon? 

  • Yes for iOS smartphones that offer biometric fingerprint capability (iPhone 5s and upwards). The app will prompt you to setup TouchID after completing the initial registration process. 


27. Can I sync this App to my Smart Watch? 

  • Not yet but you will be able to do this soon. Watch this space!


28. How much does it cost? 

  • The App comes at no extra cost to you. The same fees apply as if you were using Internet banking 


29. What is balance peek and why is it blank? 

  • Balance peek is an innovative new feature that is coming soon! It will allow you to take a quick peek at your main transactional account balance without having to login in. This feature can be turned off in the “Settings” menu. 


30. Does the App support rooted or jailbroken devices? 

  • No for your safety and security the App does not support rooted or jailbroken devices

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