32 day notice deposits

A 32 day notice deposits is an investment account that earns you interest but to access your money you must give us 32 days notice.

Features and benefits

• A minimum opening deposit of N$500. You can add to your investment at any time as long as it is not less than N$250
• You can give notice on all or part of your investment provided it is at least N$250
• 32 days after giving us notice, you can withdraw your money at your branch or have it paid into another account
• The higher your balance, the higher your interest rate
• Interest rates are variable and any rate change will be effective immediately
• Interest is calculated on your daily balance and paid into another account or re-invested monthly


For fees applicable on a notice deposit account, please visit your nearest branch for the latest pricing guide

Who can open an account?

A 32 day notice deposit accounts can be opened by businesses and individuals

How to open an account

You can open a 32 day notice deposit account at any Standard Bank branch

What do I need to open the account?

• A minimum balance of N$500
• Proof of income/funds Pay slip or letter from employer
• Identification Document- ID or Passport
• Proof of residence – utility bill

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