32 day notice deposits

A 32 Day Notice Deposit is suitable for investors that have a minimum of N$ 500.00 to invest for an indefinite. Standard Bank Namibia will need 32 day notice period before you access the funds.

How to qualify

  • You are 16 years of age or older
  • You are a Namibian citizen
  • You have a valid passport or permit

Features and benefits

  • Earn highly competitive interest rates on your funds, getting a better return on your investment
  • Interest is calculated on daily balances, so you can receive a competitive return on your savings
  • Interest can also be paid into another account — or re-invest it
  • No monthly fees
  • There is no maturity date until notice is given. A customer may, therefore,leave funds invested in a notice deposit indefinitely

What it costs

  • No fees are applicable

How to apply

  • Complete the form below
  • Visit your nearest branch
  • Contact our Customer Contact Centre at 081 9286

What you'll need

  • N$ 100 000.00
  • Your ID book
  • Proof of home address
  • Valid passport and work / study permit (for non-Namibian citizens)

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