Pure save

For a simple and easy way to start saving for a baby, purchasing livestock or unforeseen expense, consider opening a Pure save account where you have access to your funds when you need it.


Call account

If you need an investment account that earns you good interest – without sacrificing immediate access to your money then a call deposit is a good option.


32 day notice

A notice deposit is an investment account that earns you interest towards the costs of having a baby or purchasing livestock but to access your money you must give 32 days' notice.


Digi youth

The Digi youth account is a savings account targeted at existing and potential customers’. The account is aimed at children aged between the age of 0 - 18 years old


Fixed deposit

A Fixed deposit is an investment account where money is deposited for a fixed period of time and interest does not fluctuate over time.


Fixed access

The Fixed access investment account gives you access to 30% of your investment value after 61 days without any cost or notice period.


Premium call

The Premium call account is a premium investment account that earns highly competitive interest rates normally only available to larger investors.


Notice deposit

Looking for a way to keep yourself from dipping into your savings, Vary notice account is perfect for you.


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