Business account

Our Business current account is easy to manage. Your turnover is used as a basis to determine the amount of credit you qualify for as a business owner

What does it offer my business?

  • Access to expert business and financial advice from an assigned relationship manager at the bank
  • Self-service banking (Internet banking, Mobile banking, Cellphone banking, App for tablet)
  • Money is easily transferable between Standard Bank branches
  • Several signatories can be appointed on your account and you may choose the details you want printed on your cheques
  • Cheque counterfoils and monthly statements
  • Overdraft facilities and standing / stop orders may be loaded
  • Access to financial planning and insurance

Qualifying criteria

  • Individuals with a registered business or an incorporated company registered in Namibia
  • Individuals who plan to start a business

What do I need to apply?

Visit your nearest Standard Bank branch with the following documentation:

If a Limited Liability Company:

  • Your Certificate to Commence Business.
  • Your Certificate of Registration (required for insurance companies or societies)
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Proof of Listing (required only for a listed company)
  • Group structure (if wholly owned subsidiary of listed company)
  • Consent to act as a director or officer
  • Contents of register of directors, auditors and officers
  • Identity and residential address of directors and officers of the entity
  • Company resolution
  • Recent clear passport photograph of each signatory to the account
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Regulations of the company

If a Business Entity or Firm:

  • Your business registration certificate
  • Registration form “A”
  • Registration form “D” (if any change in ownership)
  • Recent clear passport photograph of proprietor
  • Completion of sole proprietorship mandate form
  • Minutes of the meeting for account opening.

If an Informal Body:

  • Constitution or other founding documents
  • Minutes of the meeting for account opening
  • Rules of the body corporate
  • Completion of society’s mandate form
  • Recent clear passport photograph of each signatory to the account
  • Identity and residential address of executives and officers of the society.

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