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Fleet Management

The BlueFuel Fleet Management system is a complete, low-cost solution designed to eliminate the hassle of managing, monitoring and controlling the refueling of your fleet

What does it offer me?

Innovative technology ensures that only authorised vehicles are able to fill up, without the need to purchase and install expensive vehicle hardware. In addition, drivers can authorise transactions using fleet cards, driver PINs or even their mobile phones. All transactions are securely authorised in real-time and checked against multiple, configurable fuel rules using our unprecedented technology. Successful transactions and unsuccessful attempts are instantly available to view on a personalised web portal using any Internet-connected device

How does it work?

Vehicle Identification

BlueFuel issues each vehicle with a tamper-proof contactless tag and identification card. The tag is attached to the vehicle’s windscreen. This is a seamless, low-cost way of verifying that the authorised vehicle is present, and also provides additional security and control against fraud, which is not available with traditional fleet cards

Transaction Authorisation

As soon as the vehicle arrives at the service station forecourt, the attendant scans the driver’s card, as well as the secure tag on the windshield, using a standard handheld terminal. The transaction is sent to BlueFuel for real-time verification and checking. Additional information such as Odometer readings can also be entered if required

Transaction Approval

When reaching BlueFuel, all the pre-configured rules are checked to ensure that the vehicle and driver are allowed to receive petroleum. Rules can be configured as a whole, or at a more granular (driver or vehicle) level

Transaction Settlement

Once the nozzle is returned to the pump, the actual transaction details (e.g. amount and litres) are manually entered into the terminal for transaction conclusion. The driver then enters his/her PIN and notifications are sent to fleet managers and/or drivers via SMS. Transaction information is immediately available via the BlueFuel portal 



Vehicle Restrictions/Controls

The control before consumption lies in the personalised restrictions set on product type, geographic zones and value limits, as well as day and time restrictions and many more. There are over 40 parameters, which can be set in real-time for each vehicle and driver

Real-Time Vehicle & Driver Blocking

A fleet customer or Head Office user can in real-time block any vehicles or driver via the BlueFuel Fleet Portal or via the Mobile App. Similarly, they can unblock or add new vehicles & drivers too

Multiple-Driver Identification Options

Each driver is issued a driver card and Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is required when transacting. BlueFuel provides drivers with One Time PINs (OTP) to authorise transactions 

Vehicle Verification at the Forecourt

Each vehicle can be issued with a low-cost, tamper-proof, contactless tag, which is stuck to the inside of the windscreen. This tag is scanned by the attendants to initiate the transaction & verify vehicle presence at the forecourt at the time of fill, which significantly reduces fraud. This is ideal for vehicles with large tanks that do not have number plates

Uniquely Identify Driver & Vehicle per Transaction

BlueFuel can uniquely identify the vehicle and driver on the forecourt in real-time, at the time of transaction. Each driver has to use his/her card before a transaction can commence, and the vehicle tag has to be scanned by tapping the terminal on the windshield. This allows fleet customers to use multiple drivers per vehicle and still be able to track usage patterns and pick up potential fraudulent transactions

Fleet Filling Rules & Tank Capacity Lock

Pre-set tank size per vehicle to prevent fueling above the set tank size.

Odometer Check

Monitor the fuel consumption per vehicle. The mileage check enables you to monitor the consumption rate for each card and address any anomalies 

BlueFuel Fleet Portal 

The BlueFuel Fleet Portal is an interactive web-based tool that enables users to securely access and perform selected tasks on their account. The BlueFuel Fleet Management portal gives access to Fleet Managers, and exposes a rich set of reports for all types of users

Vehicle Management 

  • On-boarding of new vehicles (Add/Update/Delete)
  • Change statues of vehicles/vehicle activation and blacklisting
  • Issue tamper-proof windscreen tags
  • Configure filling rules per vehicle

Driver Management

  • Add/update/Delete
  • Change status of driver/Driver activation and blacklisting ("hot card" listing)
  • Issue PIN via SMS to driver
  • New card request 

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Frequently Asked Questions