Code of Ethics

We are a large and diverse business. In order to drive our growth cohesively we have agreed on a number of common guidelines including our Code of Ethics.

Our Code of Ethics provides us with more detail about how our values apply in the workplace, including guidance on their application in specific situations. It is designed to:

  1. Facilitate greater empowerment and faster decision-making at all levels of our business
  2. Ensure that as a significant player in the financial services industry, we adhere to the highest standards of responsible business practice in our interactions with all our stakeholders

Code of banking practice notice

FIA KYC – Repalce with the following new copy


Financial Intelligence Act - Know Your Customer

Information and documents required for the verification of customer information – Financial Intelligence Act 13 of 2012 (FIA)

The FIA is Namibian anti-money laundering legislation that came into operation in 2009. The FIA is aimed at the combating of money laundering by identifying and prosecuting all those involved in money laundering activities.

In terms of the FIA, all banks are required to know the true identity of all clients (a requirement generally referred to as KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER or “KYC”), to verify such information and to meticulously keep updated records of this information.

If you are sure that your information and verification documents have been provided to Standard Bank Namibia and that such information and documents are updated and relevant, then this communication serves for information purpose only. You are however still urged to contact your relationship manager, branch or our customer contact centre to confirm whether your information and documents are in order.

It is very important to note that if you are unable to provide the information or documents as required, you must contact your relationship manager, branch or our customer contact centre for further advice.

The customer contact centre number is 081 9286.

Yours sincerely

Standard Bank Namibia Team