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We are seriously in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, one that is causing economic havoc indiscriminately, irrespective of a country’s size and economic relevance. We are seeing large numbers of infections and deaths in various parts of the world, including in countries with good health and welfare systems, and the numbers keep climbing every day.

Government has been doing the best it can to maintain a delicate balancing act aimed at slowing the spread of the virus whilst keeping the economy and daily lives going as much as possible. Unfortunately, as we are beginning to see, we are fast approaching double figures in terms of the number of infected people, whilst the restrictions are starting to impact the economy and the livelihoods of our people.

It will be catastrophic to wait until the number of cases skyrockets before we join Government in its quest to fight and contain the spread of the virus. The health services are stretched, and these may just cave in if no additional support is offered by corporate sector and civil society. It is very clear that this is not Government’s battle to fight alone. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has an impact on all of us, not just government. We cannot stand back and let government do the fighting alone.

In the absence of a vaccine or cure, two key priorities stand out in the fight to minimize the spread of Covid-19. These are maintaining hygiene (health and safety) and social distancing. Water and sanitation become key considerations to maintain hygiene during this period. However, it is common knowledge that some of our communities do not have the luxury of potable water and are therefore

Very vulnerable or susceptible to the contraction of Coronavirus should they happen to get into contact with infected people.

For that reason and considering the fact that access to water and sanitation is a basic human right, Standard Bank has decided to donate 9 x 2500 litres water tanks and hand sanitizers (3500 x 750ml) with a combined value of N$500,000 to communities living in informal settlements in Namibia.

Standard Bank considers this as part of its humble efforts and contribution to an all-inclusive fight against the spread of Covid-19. These water tanks will be delivered to the respective destinations of Kuvukiland in Tsumeb and Canaan in Gobabis to enable all of us as united Namibia to exercise hygiene and keep Covid-19 at bay. This is a fight for all of us to fight. We have a moral obligation as individuals, corporates and civil society to come to the party and overcome this pandemic.

We kindly invite and welcome the public at large to make donations to the Buy-a-Brick account, reference COVI-19 in order to mobilize more support towards fellow Namibians in need. Every contribution counts at this point.