Prestige banking

Prestige banking is a complete financial services offering tailored to complement your lifestyle and your specific financial requirements. At the core of the Prestige banking offering is the services of a dedicated Prestige Banker who is available for appointment-based consultations at your branch. Our Prestige Bankers are supported by Prestige Line consultants who are available to assist you telephonically with your day-to-day banking needs and queries, even after hours and on weekends. Through your Prestige Banker, you also have access to Standard Bank Financial Services consultants for expert advice for all your personal financial planning and investment needs, as well as to the services of a Business Banker for your business requirements.

What does it offer me?

As a Prestige customer you expect nothing less than the very best – and it is important to us to offer you financial products and dedicated services that meet your expectations. Prestige banking offers you banking at your convenience with exclusive access to a dedicated in branch Prestige Banker, Prestige Line and E-mail unit to assist with your day-to-day banking queries. Start experiencing dedicated service by contacting our Prestige Line on 0819288.

With Gold credit and Debit cards there’s no need to carry cash or a cheque book. It’s the ideal way to pay for your purchases – no matter how big or small.

Your Gold credit card gives you up to 55 days interest free credit and free lost card protection, while your Gold Debit card allows you to manage all your day-to-day transactions from a single account.

How do I apply?

Apply online or visit your nearest Standard Bank branch with the following documents:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence, which may be in the form of a utility bill or a rental agreement
  • A copy of your identity document


Qualifying criteria

Customers with a gross income of between N$20 000 - N$69 999 per month qualify for this account. Or you gave a 4 year Undergraduate Degree equivalent to an honors Degree or higher (obtained in the last 5 years) and earning a minimum gross monthly income of N$5 000 

Features and benefits

Prestige team

Enjoy access to a Prestige banking team who are on hand to assist with all your sales and related matters. You also have access to the Prestige call line (0819288) to assist with any service queries


Self service banking

With a variety of Prestige Banking self-service channels, you'll be able to conduct your banking with ease and convenience:

  • Mobile banking app
  • Cellphone banking
  • Banking App for tablet
  • Internet – Transact anywhere at any time
  • MyUpdates - SMS alerts that help you stay in control of your account



Conduct your day-to-day banking seamlessly with a Prestige account, which includes:

  • Prestige cheque and credit cards
  • An overdraft at preferential rates


Saving and investments

With Prestige banking you get access to a wide range of investment options (both long and short term) designed to suit your needs and lifestyle. These include:

  • Pure save
  • Premium call account
  • Plus plan account
  • Bonus plus
  • 32 day notice
  • Fixed deposit
  • Digi youth account
  • Call account
  • Fixed access account

Financial planning

Plan ahead - As a Prestige banking customer you have access to a team of financial specialists

  • Let our expert financial advisors take you through a wide range of financial planning solutions
  • We can help protect your future through investments, drafting of wills, retirement and estate planning
  • Our products include life cover policies, dread disease and disability cover, and funeral plans
  • Our financial consultants offer you expertise in both personal and business financial planning
  • To set up a face-to-face appointment to see a Prestige banker, call 0819288 or email


We offer a wide range of loan products to help you meet both your short and long-term financial obligations.

We offer the following loan options;

  • Overdraft
  • Revolving credit plan loan
  • Home loan
  • Vehicle and asset finance
  • Student loan


Smart Device Deals

We have teamed up with leading brands to bring you exclusive offers on smart device deals.

How to qualify for any of these great deals;

  • Must have a net salary of N$10 000
  • Have a cheque account with Standard Bank into which your salary gets deposited.
  • You will have to make the payment for the selected smart device deal from your Standard Bank cheque account.
  • The monthly instalment will be deducted from your Standard Bank cheque account.




Rebate option:  
If you keep a daily minimum balance in your account for a full calendar month we will refund a portion of the service fees incurred under the 'Pay as you transact' option up to a specified amount, based on the balance kept in your account (Note: no interest is earned on credit balances with this option).

Bundle option: 
Pay a single monthly management fee for a fixed number of transactions and services. With this option your Gold cheque and credit card annual fees are included.

Pay as you transact: 
Pay for each transaction. A minimum monthly fee is charged if the total service fees are not more than this.
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