Pure save

For a simple and easy way to start saving for a baby, purchasing livestock or unforeseen expense, consider Pure save. It is a savings account that gives you the flexibility to save when you can and to access to your funds when you need them.

Features and benefits


  • You need a minimum opening deposit of just N$ 50.00
  • You start earning competitive interest from this first N$ 50.00
  • You can have multiple Pure save accounts for your different savings needs
  • Your Pure save accounts may be linked to your ATM card


With a Pure save account you can make two free deposits and withdrawals at the ATM per month.

  • Pay a minimum management fee of only N$ 3.25 a month; and
  • Qualify for free death benefit of N$ 1200 based on a required minimum balance, with a maximum cover of N$ 4000
  • You do not need to choose a savings period so you can save as long as you want
  • You can add to your savings whenever you like
  • Your money is available whenever you need it


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