Digi youth account

The Digi Youth account, a savings account targeted at existing and potential customers’ children that are aged between 0 and 18 years old, and seeks to capture the unique opportunity to get children into a savings culture at an early age, while extending a value add to their parents as existing customers, thus creating loyalty.

Features and benefits

  • Account opening balance N$ 50 00
  • Account minimum balance N$ 50 00
  • Account maximum balance N$ 500 000
  • No monthly management fee
  • Two free withdrawal per month
  • Free cash deposits up to N$ 2 000
  • No restrictions on cheque deposits
  • Credits - Allowed, No restrictions:-, Internal (inter-account)Transfer
  • No cheque book issued on this account
  • Interest Rate will be tiered, the higher the balance on the account, the higher the interest rate. Interest rate will be paid on balances above N$ 50 00 only. Maximum interest payable 1.75% per annum on daily balances and capitalised monthly
  • Free Internet Banking
  • This account will be operated mainly through the ATM and Internet Banking transactions. Transactions in branches although not restricted completely will be discouraged as much as possible and carries a fee



How do I apply?

To open a Digi youth account you will need:

  • A minimum opening balance of N$50 00
  • Child’s birth certificate if he/she is younger than 16 years
  • Namibian ID, if he/she is older than 16 years
  • Proof of residence, water or electricity bill - utility bill.


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